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  • Visualization

    Interactive graphs, Dashboard based Score Cards and recommendations along with numerics and graphs

  • Talent Management

    Find out who are the key Integrators, Socio-Techno Leaders within Teams, Departments and opion leaders

  • Knowledge Mapper

    How tacit knowledge was and was not shared in high-tech organization. Who knows what and who knows whom?

  • Change Manager

    What if this executive leaves the company? What will happens if we merge departments/organizations?

Welcome to Ins Network

An organization’s intellectual capital – its collective knowledge and experience – is its most valuable and invisible asset. This means that locating and retaining knowledge workers is the single most important challenge for any company competing in the changing environment. Why? Knowledge capital is often untapped capital because it resides entirely within the people of the organization who are connected in invisible “informal” networks.

About Us

INS Network provides a range of products and services that allows your organization to visualize and diagnose the informal networks.

Post Merger Integration

Where a cross-border merger is working and Continuing divisions between employees in a merged department that affected productivity.

INS Network Dashboards

We are equipped with our own consultants, and deployment teams, we offer customized and company specific solutions.It includes interactive graphs/networks, valuable quantitative knowledge, comments for next phase.

Human Resource Planning

In key business strategies What should happen to a management team when two key members retired? and Employees who connected far reaches of the organization—key integrators.